STILL - Reference Manual


A preset is a sequence of effects and objects that can be applied to an image. Presets can be created at any time during editing and they can be used in other projects.

Creating presets

Click the Save As Preset button from the Controls tab (this can be found in the right-hand section of the screen when an image is selected in the Thumbnails browser). This will open a dialog box asking you to specify a name for your preset and to choose whether you want to save the objects in addition to the effects.

STILL - Save presets

In STILL a preset can contain both effects and objects.

Using presets

Click and drag the preset from the Presets tab in the Toolbox and drop it over an object, an image or the header of the Thumbnails browser. You can adjust the parameters of the effects inside the Controls tab and inside the Viewer.

STILL - Apply presets

Sharing presets

Presets can be exported from STILL to a .mfp presets file. Click the right mouse button anywhere on the presets toolbox and choose Export Presets from the popup menu.

To import a preset file right-click on the presets toolbox and select Import Presets from the popup menu. Importing presets does not overwrite your existing ones. If the file contains presets with the same as your own, the imported presets will be suffixed by a number (preset1, preset2 ...).

Note that presets are automatically shared between the projects created on the same computer and by the same user. Export your presets when you want to share them with other users of STILL.