• Edit photos without altering the original image.

  • Enhance or transform photos with over 70 effects and adjustment tools.

  • Create collages from photos, vector files, directories, shapes and text.

  • Design photo albums and print or export them to PDF.

  • Work with multiple images and directories in one project.

  • Transform or apply effects to multiple images at once.

  • Save and re-use effect chains and collages presets.

  • Create borders and masks from vector shapes.

  • Fill backgrounds with color gradients, textures, patterns or particles.

  • Smooth, soften and add dimension to skin tones.

  • Apply effects to a portion of the image or through a mask.

  • Remove green or blue background from a photo and replace it with an image.

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Detailed features


Crop, scale, pan, flip and rotate images nondestructively

  • Automatically resize/crop images using a selection of methods (Scale, Fit, Stretch or Fill).

  • Change image opacity and blending mode.

  • Edit an entire directory of images as one image.

  • Most common image formats and camera RAW files are supported.

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Enhance your photos using color and distortion correction tools

  • Color Curves: RGBA, HSV, Lab, YCbCr, CMYK.

  • Color Correction: Brightness and Contrast, Exposure, Color Balance, Hue-Saturation-Lightness, Auto Color, Auto Levels, Color Boost, Equalize, White Balance, Color Temperature.

  • Enhance: Sharpen, Unsharp Mask, Red Eye, Smoothing, Denoise, Lens Distorsion.

  • Tint: Colorize a photo with a selected color (non-linearly).

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Stylize your images with our effects

  • Blurs: Blur, Linear Blur, Radial, Angular and Zoom Blur, Median and Bilateral Blur, Pixel Spread, Pixelize.

  • Color: Invert, Vignette, Vibrance, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient.

  • Light: Glow, Dark Glow, Soft Glow, Edge Glow, SoftLight, Drop Shadow.

  • Edges: Edges, Difference of Gaussians,Erode, Dilate.

  • Stylize: Threshold, Grain, Solarize, Cartoon, Sketch, Half Tone, Particles.

  • Deformations: Lens, Water, Twirl, Deform, Wave, Ripple.

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Compose new images from other graphic media

  • Combine image files, image directories, vector files (SVG), shapes and text.

  • Select from a range of blending modes: Normal, Add, Difference, Multiply, Screen, Overlay, Lighten, Darken, Soft Light, Hard Light.

  • Add effects and borders to the photos in the collage.

  • Remove green screen background from collated images.

  • Save and re-use collages as templates.

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Apply any effect or filter to a portion of the image

  • Use the Area object to add an effect to a part of an image.

  • Apply adjustment filters or effects through a mask on a part of the image.

  • Add a colored light effect to an area of the image with the Light object.

  • Deform parts of the image using the Warp object.

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Easily create borders and masks of different shapes

  • Basic Shapes: rectangular, circular, star, polygon

  • Vector File Shapes: choose from over 200 available shapes or use your own SVG files.

  • Fill the borders with solid color, color gradient, vector patterns or textures.

  • Create complex borders by combining multiple shapes and fills.

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Fill backgrounds with patterns, tiles or particles

  • Solid color and color gradients backgrounds.

  • Fill with patterns of various shapes.

  • Fill with SVG cliparts or image texture tiles.

  • Generate particles of any shape, color, random size, position, opacity and amount of blur.

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Create printable documents and photo books

  • Combine photos, vectors, text and shapes.

  • Add borders and effects on the fly.

  • Insert vector ornaments and clipart files.

  • Choose from standard photo and document paper sizes to design your pages.

  • Print directly from STILL or export to Pdf file.

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Instantly add a soft "Dodge and Burn" look to your images

  • New luminance adjustment effect: SoftLight

  • Smoothes, softens and adds dimension to skin tones.

  • Enhance details in an image

  • Specifically designed for portrait enhancement

  • Applies a contrast curve on the luminance channel

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Replace the green screen background of an image

  • Remove green or blue background from an image

  • Replace it with a background image, color, pattern or texture.

  • Background color selection and color matching tolerance adjustment

  • Control of edge transition linearity and smoothness

  • Color spill suppression and replacement.

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Work with multiple images and directories in one project

  • Create, import, preview, process and export multiple images at once.

  • Apply the same effects to multiple images simultaneously.

  • Automatically resize multiple images using a selection of methods (Scale, Fit, Stretch or Fill).

  • Add images, cliparts, shapes and text to a batch of images.

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Create your own presets and templates

  • Save effect chains and image compositions.

  • Import and export presets from your project.

  • Apply a preset to an image or a sequence of images.

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