STILL - Reference Manual

Artistic Effects


Apply a cartoon effect to the image

STILL - Cartoon

Smoothness: Smooth the image before drawing edges.

Sharpness: Adjust the level detail of the edges.

Threshold: The threshold at which the edges are found.

Thickness: The thickness of the edges.

Colors: Reduce the number of colors of the cartoon image.


Inverts the tones of the image.

STILL - Solarize

Threshold: The threshold at which the tones are inverted.


Reduces the image to two colors (black and white).

STILL - Threshold

Threshold: Select the value of the threshold.

Channel: Select the channel to threshold.

Soft threshold: Reduce the image to black and a greyscale.

Invert: Invert black and white.


Applies a sketch effect to the image.

STILL - Sketch

Radius: Sketch detail coarseness.

Threshold: The level of details of the sketch.

Smoothness: Smooth the edges.

Half Tone

Applies a half-tone effect to the image.

STILL - Half tone

Dot Size: The size of the dot relative to the image size.

Precision: Precision of the dot size approximation.

Offset: Distance between two adjacent dots.

Use colors from image: Use colors from image instead of monochrome half-toning.

Shape and Color: Select the shape, foreground, background colors and opacity of the dots.


Generates random particles of specified shape, color, size, opacity, smoothness.

STILL - Particles

Density: The number of particles.

Size: Minimum and maximum size of the particles.

Opacity: Minimum and maximum opacity of the particles.

Blur: Minimum and maximum blur of the particles.

Particle Shape: Select the particle's shape and color.