About Us

MIRAFX is a company that specializes in software for image processing and design through their unique products: STILL image editor and MockupUI prototyping software.

Established in 2012, MIRAFX provides photography enthusiasts and software designers with an exceptional service that could transform ordinary images into breathtaking visuals through user-friendly products.

At MIRAFX, we love what we do because it gives us great satisfaction to enhance and make the jobs of countless photographers, digital artists and software designers so much easier on a daily basis!

Our innovative products include STILL and MockupUI, which are 2 much-loved tools used by our clients on a regular basis.


Our main product is STILL, a non-destructive photo editor with batch processing and photo book design capabilities. It allows you to:

About MockupUI

MockupUI helps software designers and developers or any person with a software project to quickly turn their ideas into high fidelity mockups or wireframes and create design specification documents.

Accurate UI design specifications enable you to reduce software design costs through better estimates for development efforts, less design iterations and help you ensure that designs achieve their requirements.

MockupUI makes it easier to prototype user interfaces with no programming involved, validate UI design concepts, elaborate accurate requirements and specifications and eventually be more convincing in front of stakeholders and clients.

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