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STILL 1.2.7 Update Available

Published February 09, 2016

User interface
  • Replaced old help with online documentation. Now available here.
  • Other support options available online: tutorials, downloadable project samples, FAQ.
  • New STILL application icon.
Graphic objects
  • Font Awesome shapes are now bundled with STILL.
  • Four more shape categories from AIGA, Business, Heads, Humans
  • Image, vector and shape objects are now empty when added to a collage. The file open dialog does not pop-up automatically anymore. The source file needs to be set in the Parameters panel.
  • New graphic object: "Line"
  • Added JPEG quality selector when exporting image files.
  • Easier image range selection via a two handle slider in the image export dialog.
  • Object rotation control handle appears on the longest dimension to avoid being hidden for too small objects.
  • Faster vector files rendering and resizing

New dedicated website for the STILL image editor

Published January 18, 2016

Designed with accessibility in mind, the new website provides not only details and answers to questions on MIRAFX and our products, but also gives access to tutorials, manuals and project samples for STILL. We plan to steadily continue adding to the free content provided in the weeks and months to come.

A New Version of STILL Available: 1.1.2

Published August 18, 2015

Upgrade your version of STILL now to get access to the latest features and updates:

Editor improvements.
  • New "Auto" mode of the preview resolution which is determined from the size of the image and the effects complexity.

  • New button to enable/disable the effects previewing.

  • Object selection and manipulation improvements (control points are located inside object boxes).

  • "Import Image" file dialog box displays a thumbnail and dimensions of the currently selected image file.

  • Effect and filter categories re-organized.

  • New edge preserving "Smoothing" filter (faster than bilateral blur).

  • Chroma keyer to remove green/blue background from photos.

  • New algorithm used for the "Edge" detection filter.

  • New edge related effects available: Difference of Gaussians, Erode, Dilate.

  • Support for Unicode file names and folders.

  • Arabic, Cyrilic and Chinese text is now correctly rendered.

  • Fixed memory leak when exporting using multiple threads.

STILL 1.0 Image Editor Launch

Published May 27, 2015

MIRAFX is proud to announce the release of STILL, a non-destructive image editing software equipped with tools ranging from photo editing to batch processing and booklet design.

With more than 70 effects, filters and collage options, STILL is a feature-rich tool ideal for photography enthusiasts and graphic designers who are looking for an affordable image processing product that will let them enhance or stylize photos and to create collages. With non-destructive editing, batch processing and photo book creation available in one place, interested individuals are given a chance to achieve satisfying results right from the start.

STILL offers tools to enhance photos using color and light adjustment tools or to remove imperfections. MIRAFX's unique SoftLight effect is perfect for enhancing portraits with its capability to smoothen, soften and add dimension to skin tones. STILL allows users to apply a whole series of effects (blurs, color changes, glows and shadows), transform photos into cartoons and sketches or to apply deformations. Effects can also be applied to a part of the image or through a mask.

Creating imaginative collages from photos, vector files, image directories, shapes and text is made simple with STILL. It offers transformation tools such as positioning, resizing, rotating, manual or automatic cropping and several blending modes. Users can create borders and backgrounds and fill them with color gradients, textures or vector patterns for which they can choose from over 200 available shapes. The software includes the options to add effects, masks and borders to individual items allowing them to enhance photos and make collages in one step.

STILL allows users to create photo books and export them to PDF files or to print directly from the software. They can also create and save their own presets that include effect chains and collages as well as import and export presets from their project.

Making STILL even more valuable is the feature that allows users to work with multiple directories and images in one project. They can create, import, preview, transform and export different images at once or apply effects, objects and presets to a series of images.

The STILL trial can be downloaded for free from STILL is compatible with any computer running Windows Vista, Windows 7 or 8 with at least 4GB of RAM. Available versions of the software include Windows 32 bit and 64 bit.

Our Website is Up and Running

Published May 19, 2015

We are pleased to announce that our company website is live and ready for the world to view and use.

Designed with simplicity, ease of use and accessibility in mind, it will be a tool for both fulfilling our mission and providing access to the latest information about our products.

On you will find:

  • Our product pages where you have access to information about our products, software downloads, sample projects, complete user manuals and free online tutorials.

  • The support pages where you can submit a ticket to MIRAFX to report issues, to ask for new software or facilities, or just mention anything you think we may be able to help you with.

  • Information about our company and the latest news.

We hope you enjoy our website. Please feel free to send us comments or feedback.

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STILL 1.2.7 Update Available

Upgrade your version of STILL now to get access to the latest features and updates ...

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Designed with accessibility in mind, the new website provides not only details and answers ...

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Upgrade your version of STILL now to get access to the latest features and updates ...

STILL 1.0 Image Editor Launch

MIRAFX is proud to announce the release of STILL - non-destructive image editing software ...

Our Website is Up and Running

We are pleased to announce that our company website is live ...