STILL - Reference Manual

Adjustment filters

Auto Color

Automatically color balances an image.

STILL - Color balance

If "Adjust Neutral Color" is checked the mean value is shifted to neutral grey. If "Adjust Channel Contrast" will stretch the histogram per channel.

Auto Levels

Automatically stretches the dynamic range to full black and white.

STILL - Auto levels

Brightness and Contrast

Changes the brightness and the contrast curve of the image.

STILL - Brightness and contrast

Color Balance

Balances red, green and blue channels.

STILL - Color balance

Color Boost

Enhances colors of an image.

STILL - Color boost

Color Temperature

Adjusts the color temperature from warm to cold.

STILL - Color Temperature


Allows you to change the curve of a color channel. Select the color space you want to edit by clicking one of the available tabs (RGB, HSV, YCbCr, Lab, CMYK), then select a channel from the drop-down list.

STILL - Color curves

You can change the shape of a spline by dragging its nodes. Nodes can be inserted (Right-click on the curve), moved (Left-click and drag) and removed (Right-click on a node) from a curve.

You can only edit one channel at a time.


Adjusts contrast using the image's histogram.

STILL - Equalize

Low: Lowest color value used in the histogram equalization.

Amount: Highest color value used in the histogram equalization.


Corrects the exposure (gain), offset (brightness) and gamma of the image.

STILL - Exposure

Hue, Saturation, Lightness

Changes the amount of hue, saturation and lightness of the image.

STILL - Hue, saturation, lightness


Colorizes the image with a selected color.

STILL - Tint

Color: Tint color.

Amount: Amount of tint.


Channel: Vary tint with lightness or chromiance (colorize highlights).

Contrast: Tint contrast.

Invert: Invert tint variance (colorize shadows)


Adjusts the color saturation non-linearly.

STILL - Vibrance

White Balance

Corrects the white color of the image.

STILL - White balance