STILL - Reference Manual



Smoothes an image by reducing chromiance and luminance noise.

STILL - Denoise

Luminance: Amount of noise reduction of the luminance channel.

Red: Amount of noise reduction of the red channel.

Blue: Amount of noise reduction of the blue channel.


Edge preserving smoothing of an image using guided or bilateral filter.

STILL - Smoothing

Radius: Size of the smoothing block.

Amount: Amount of smoothing.

Smoothing: Smoothing algorithm: Guided or Bilateral.

Median Blur

Smoothes the image using a median filter.

STILL - Median blur

Size: Block size of the median filter.


Sharpens an image.

STILL - Sharpen

Sharpness: Amount of sharpness.

Unsharp Mask

Increases local contrast of the image.

STILL - Unsharp mask

Sharpness: Amount of sharpness.

Radius: Size of the edges.

Red Eye

Removes the red eye from the image.

STILL - Red eye

Threshold: Controls the range of red hue to be considered as red eye.

Radius: Smoothes the edges of the detected red eye areas.